NewMonics PERC 3.1 combines Java and C programming

The PERC 3.1 release of NewMonics extends memory management, offers developers the ability to integrate Java with any C/C++ coding, and features new tools that simplify the development process. With NewMonics PERC 3.1, developers can create Java code using the same methodology traditionally used with C programming. NewMonics PERC 3.1 features advanced debugging capabilities that allow developers to debug ahead-of-time compiled code at the Java source level and includes two new tools: PERCAccelerator and PERCCompactor. PERCAccelerator speeds debugging and development time by optimizing Java applications; PERCCompactor analyzes Java applications and automatically removes used code, reducing application footprint by up to 50 percent. NewMonics PERC 3.1 supports Solaris-hosted VxWorks and OSE.

PERC 3.1 is available immediately. The suite provides development on Linux, Windows NT/2000, and Solaris systems.

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