IT job growth falls short of developing world

A report by a United Nation agency on world employment in the information economy found the IT revolution and the job opportunities it brings are largely leaving vast swaths of the globe behind. The report, says that despite the revolution in IT and communications, increasing numbers of workers in poor countries are "technologically disconnected," meaning they are unable to find jobs or to gain access to computers and other technologies to ensure their productivity. Unless this is addressed urgently, the employment aspirations of millions of workers in scores of developing countries cannot be realised, according to the report from the International Labor Office (ILO).

While the information and communications revolution offers genuine potential, it also raises the risk that a significant portion of the world will lose out, the ILO found. Countries and regions that fail to make the technological leap are not only missing out on the growing trade in information and communications technology products, they will be unable to profit from the economic efficiency and productivity gains created by these industries, the ILO's report says.

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