Integration and innovation top priorities for 2001

Integrating online customer data and processes will be a top priority for e-businesses in the coming year, according to a 2001 Outlook report released recently by AMR Research. Customer-focused applications, wireless and B2B marketplaces are just a few of the rapidly-changing and growing e-business segments dramatically affecting companies today, reported AMR.

The coming year will bring renewed energy and innovation to a marketplace that experienced plenty of confusion and fear in 2000, AMR analysts said. They added that while many global companies remain in the early stages of e-business investment, they are committed to initiatives for revenue and efficiency building.

Companies spent the year 2000 recovering from Y2K hangovers and searching for meaning in their investments, the analysts said. With e-business, they have found it and 2001 portends to be an exciting time.

Spending on marketing applications and supply chain management also is expected to increase in 2001, AMR said. Company analysts predicted that the marketing applications industry will grow to $US1.6 billion, up 63 per cent from 2000 levels of $US995 million. It also said the supply chain management market will reach $US7.8 billion, with focus on applications for inventory management, order fulfillment, supply chain planning and collaboration.

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