Portal popularity picks up pace

One third of organisations with more than 1000 employees are poised to complete an enterprise portal project this year.

In a survey of 157 large Australian companies nearly three in four are looking to connect with their employees first, with customers and other businesses ranking lower in priority.

Carried out for portal development company Corechange early last quarter, the survey focused primarily on companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Not surprisingly, the results were given a positive spin by Corechange's Asia-Pacific business development manager, Gari Johnson.

They revealed an "extraordinarily high level of activity" in portal development work among Australian organisations, Johnson said.

Most of the current projects are due for completion in the June to September time frame.

More than 70 per cent supported business-to-employee functions with 54 per cent supporting business-to-business operations. About one third of respondents reported their portals would do both. A minuscule 9 per cent of the nascent portals were aimed at the business-to-consumer space.

The survey found that "single sign-on" (the ability to access all information systems with only one logon) was the most common benefit nominated by corporate portal builders.

Not surprisingly, very large organisations of 25,000 employees or more were unanimous in selecting legacy integration as vital. But 100 per cent of them also ticked the ability of portals to support wireless and mobile access as crucial.

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