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Viewlocity to help companies contend with deluge of data from current wave of RFID initiatives

  • 27 May, 2004 14:42

<p>Companies Can Leverage Investments in Infrastructure Made to Comply With Mandates</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – 27 May, 2004 - Recognising that the current wave of RFID projects will leave some companies awash in a flood of data, Viewlocity, Inc., announced a program to help companies leverage these projects to better manage supply chain operations and realise a return on investments currently being made in RFID hardware.</p>
<p>As companies work quickly to comply with mandates from influential customers like Wal-Mart and the federal government (in the US), projects are being justified out of fear of losing a key customer, not by more traditional financial measures. When the dust settles, these companies will be looking for ways to leverage their RFID infrastructure as a new source of data and will be asked to find ways to make these investments payoff.</p>
<p>Viewlocity's products are already in use worldwide capturing data from a variety of sources, filtering it, and alerting specific users to events that are meaningful to them. These alerts, commonly regarding problems or unplanned occurrences in a supply chain, include contextual information such as which orders are impacted and actions that can be taken to fix problems. With RFID enabled supply chains the granularity and frequency of tracking can increase dramatically, resulting in visibility and event management capabilities extending down to the serial number level.</p>
<p>Viewlocity is offering companies with investments in RFID infrastructure a specially packaged solution designed to leverage data collected by RFID systems to enhance operations and overall business performance. Scenarios may be as simple as alerting a manufacturing manager that a critical shipment of parts has arrived at his loading dock or as complex as advising a supply chain manager of several different options for adjusting operations when actual product demand is deviating from the forecast.</p>
<p>"Viewlocity works with industry leaders such as Sun, HP, Alien and CGE&amp;Y to deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions, allowing companies to truly benefit from the data collected by RFID systems by cutting costs and improving service levels," said Fadi Geha, Viewlocity’s Asia Pacific Managing Director.</p>
<p>About Viewlocity
Viewlocity provides supply chain management software that helps enterprises execute operations more effectively. Our software suite is comprised of visibility, event management, and optimisation components that enable companies to optimise their use of assets and monitor supply chain processes for exceptions. When exceptions occur the optimal response can be determined, minimising disruption to the business. As a result, Viewlocity's customers can run their businesses with significantly smaller reserves of inventory, capacity and people, while improving service levels. To find out how companies use Viewlocity's products to improve their operations, visit</p>
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