Lotus delays Discovery server gold code for a month

The second component of Lotus Development Corp.'s knowledge management system code-named Raven has been delayed again.

The company confirmed today it will delay the final release of its Discovery Server by one month to improve some of its profiling abilities.

In January, Lotus CEO Al Zollar promised the server would ship in March, saying, "I know this product is overdue."

Scott Cooper, senior vice president of knowledge management at Lotus said, "It's not bugs and the scalability. It's how well we build expertise profiles."

The problem wasn't foreseeable in the laboratory, he said, but only became apparent after beta users tested the product. The server searches a company intranet to find information in collaborative applications that will let the user locate files and experts in certain fields and share information instantly with colleagues, among other things. The more a user acquires a certain kind of information, the more "expert" he becomes and thus a resource.

"We found down the road that real-life users were associated with categories they shouldn't be," Cooper said.

So, Lotus developers are back to work creating the algorithms that will correctly match experts with their fields of expertise.

The beta testing will continue until the release of Discovery Server gold code on April 30, Cooper said.

The Discovery Server sorts data for users to access and is meant to work with the K-station portal builder, which was released in December. Together, they form Lotus' knowledge management system, known as the Knowledge Discovery System.

Cooper said implementing the gold code for those who have already installed the beta version shouldn't be difficult and only involves one relatively small build on the existing server software.

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