Oracle announces Warehouse Builder 2.0

Oracle has briefly sketched out its plans for Oracle Warehouse Builder 2.0, which it is developing on top of Oracle 8i database.

Planned for release later this year, Warehouse Builder 2.0 will help clients address the pressures of globalisation, deregulation and ever-increasing competition by helping them access the corporate data they need, said Jean-Marc Defaut, a marketing manager with Oracle France.

Oracle France announced the product here at Decision'99, a one-day customer seminar.

In today's business environment, a company like can make more book titles available to its customers than the market-leading Barnes and Noble before Barnes and Noble even realises it, Defaut pointed out. As a result, IT managers need to provide corporate executives with better and better market data.

At the same time that companies have to broaden their view of the competition, they have to narrow their customer focus to a one-to-one marketing approach, he said. This marketing shift also demands a better handle on customer data stored in corporate databases.

While Oracle 8i is the database for storing such data, warehouse builder 2.0 will be the mechanism for extracting that data, explained Bernard Degrendel, European sales director for data warehousing solutions at Oracle.

Warehouse builder 2.0 offers users a graphical, click-and-drag interface for accessing data combinations. A software developers kit will be available for those who want to extend or customise the program.

The product works with data written to UML, XML, Corba and Java. The user interface is written in Java.

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