Influx of IT professionals 'wreck' Aussie's job hopes

The relaxation of the Federal Government's work visa and migration policy for overseas IT professionals will create a "Dubai situation", with cheap foreign labour filling Australian IT positions, according to a recruitment specialist.

Victorian-based VTR Consulting managing director Vincent Teubler said he was "incredibly nervous" about immigration regulations being loosened, claiming it will wreck the Australian IT market.

"There is a myth about how good it will be for the government to open immigration regulations to let in more people with IT skills. But at the moment there are far too many Australian resident contractors and IT personnel that are unemployed," he said.

As part of the Federal Government's $2.9 billion, five-year innovation statement, 'Backing Australia's Ability', announced in January, immigration arrangements for information and communications technology (ICT) professionals were streamlined and given priority processing rights.

Justin Magler, technical systems coordinator for the New Hope Group, said if regulations were opened up, the IT industry would end up like any other industry that "supposedly" had a skill shortage.

"There would be a glut. People trained to do one thing wouldn't be able to find a job and they would have to do something else," Magler said.

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