RSA product will encrypt wireless transmissions

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't trying to listen in on your cell phone conversation or steal your Palm Pilot beams. RSA Security announced today that suspicious wireless users can rest easy with the introduction of the new RSA BSAFE Wireless Core software.

The software is now available to wireless hardware developers to encrypt their products with, said Tim Powers, manager of corporate communications for RSA. BSAFE will use RSA-based algorithms on wireless platforms to protect users of popular handheld operating systems such as Symbian OS, Palm OS, and Windows CE, said a release from RSA.

"Because BSAFE uses RSA-based algorithms, it fully interoperates with the wired Internet, allowing the software to provide the same quality of security that the wired world offers," said Kim Getgen, RSA product marketing manager.

Wireless products that are encrypted with the BSAFE software will protect data in transit from being viewed or heard by electronic eavesdroppers, Powers said.

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