Slowly slowy on salary surge, headhunter warns

Now is not the time for IT managers to push for huge salaries, but a period of caution and common sense, according to an IT Recruitment company.

With an influx of experienced and skilled people to the market from tech-wreck companies, IT professionals and companies should focus on the skills they need to take them where they want to go.

Brian Youston, CEO of Icon Recruitment, said IT professionals should look to industry trends if they expect to move on from the tech wreck and be more realistic in the rates they are trying to command in this current economic environment.

The latest results released by Icon IT Trend Index - compiled by Gottliebsen Research - shows Internet projects such as Web site design and development will decrease in the coming year, resulting in projects becoming more specialised. The Index also points to e-business as the dominant Internet driver in the coming 12 months and beyond, as opposed to e-commerce.

"Most businesses are now Web-enabled and have some sort of e-business model implemented for basic company to company financial transactions. The next phase will be encompassing e-business processing into a total business intelligence model," Youston said, adding that such a model would include data mining and workflow facilities to enable management to gain intelligence as to why a business transacts the way it does - both internally and with its clients.

Youston said data mining skills are in a strong demand, with a 300 per cent increase, as companies now aim to make better use of their existing information. He said there will also be high demand for business analysts, and the surrounding skill sets.

Youston said some organisations are spending less on new software while concentrating on what they already have implemented to improve productivity.

"Customer relationship management software will become an important phase of the total e-business solution," Youston said.

According to the Icon Index, the next phase of development is with larger, traditional blue-chip companies that rely on the Internet, not just to present their industry graphically, but to remain competitive.

"It is the blue-chip companies that will continue to invest in total B2B projects, where the end product not only represents an immediate and tangible cost saving, but is a major source of both income revenue and sales generation," Youston said.

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