Open Telecoms bridges switch & IP networks

Telecommunications software provider, Open Telecommunications has launched its openSignallingGateway (openSG) to enable the convergence of circuit switch networks and Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

OpenSG acts as a 'bridge' between circuit switch networks and packet or IP-based networks, allowing data traffic to be carried over IP.

According to Dr Ray Freeman, general manager of Open Telecommunications' Packet Telephony Group, openSG was originally developed as a component of its openCallAgent softswitch. "However, we quickly realised that it has wider applications and developed it as a stand-alone product," Freeman said.

Targeted at telecommunications carriers, openSG can be used as an alternative or replacement for under-utilised long-haul Signalling System 7 (SS7) links. "Why pay for an expensive dedicated link between distant cities when you can drop in a signalling gateway box at either end and send the signals over the IP network," Freeman said.

SS7 is a telecommunications protocol for offloading public switched telephone network (PSTN) data traffic onto a digital broadband network.

According to Freeman, the main driver for transporting SS7 traffic over IP is to enable telecommunications carriers to retain their investment in circuit-switched networks while making the transition to IP network architecture. "Incumbent telecommunications carriers, whose networks have been designed around circuit switch technology, have significant infrastructure which accounts for a significant investment," Freeman said.

"These networks have been designed for voice traffic, and often struggle with the recent demands for access to data services. OpenSG enables network operators and service providers to retain investments in circuit switched networks while transitioning to the next generation of networks based on IP."

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