5% of Internode customers using IPv6

IPv6 usage doubles since World IPv6 Day

Internet service provider has revealed that 5 per cent of its customers are now using IPv6, the successor to IPv6: an Internet address system that is rapidly being exhausted.

Internode's founder, Simon Hackett, told the IPv6 Summit in Melbourne that the number of customers using IPv6 has more than doubled since early June. On World IPv6 Day, 6 June, some 2 per cent of Internode customers were using IPv6.

All routers currently offered by ISP offer IPv6 support and since the start of the calendar year, all new Internode connections have been IPv6-enabled.

In January when he announced Internode's decision to have IPv6/IPv4 dual stack support for all new connections Hackett it was “time for major ISPs to make [IPv6] a transparent part of their customers’ experience.”

In the lead-up to World IPv6 Day, there was a gradual increase in worldwide IPv6 traffic, increasing from 0.06 per cent to 0.15 per cent in the fortnight before 6 June. Australia lagged badly compared to other nations in the region with regards to IPv6, however.

Analysts have predicted that the shift to IPv6 on a large scale will take three to four years. However, there are still concerns in the industry that IPv6 adoption will occur too slowly to avoid issues relating to IPv4 exhaustion.

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