CyberSource offers C# .Net e-commerce tool

E-commerce software provider CyberSource has released a C# component designed to simplify the integration of CyberSource's electronic payment processing services into Microsoft Corp.'s .Net application framework.

The C# component, available at the company's Web site since Monday, gives developers "drop-in" access to CyberSource's payment and fraud detection services, as well as CyberSource's geolocation, tax calculation and export compliance services, Jeff King, director of product management at CyberSource, said Tuesday. C# is a component-based programming language that Microsoft introduced with .Net.

The new C# component saves the developer the need to write new code in order to communicate with CyberSource's services, King said.

"They just have to point and click on the new component and they can get access that way," he said.

A retailer with locations in different countries all of which require credit card processing is an example of a company that could make use of the new C# component, King said. Instead of having three different locations for processing a credit card transaction, the company can choose a single place, using the C# component to expose the credit card processing as an XML Web service inside the company.

The CyberSource payment service is used by Web sites to process electronic payments through built-in connections with third-party processors and banks. The .Net framework is the set of APIs and class libraries that are used to develop applications for Microsoft's .Net Web services platform.

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