“Eyejuster” glasses allow users to adjust prescription themselves

New eyeglasses targeted towards the developing world where people may not afford eye doctors or prescribed glasses

A British firm has developed a new kind of revolutionary eyewear that may come in handy for individuals with eyesight problems who can’t access doctors, as the eyeglasses allow users to adjust prescription themselves.

The eyeglasses are the work of Dave Crosby, Owen Reading, Richard Taylor and Greg Storey. The four have since co-founded a company to develop this specialty, innovative eye glasses.

For eye patients in places where it may be difficult to see an eye doctor, such as developing countries, these eyeglasses could certainly come in handy. Users can adjust the prescription anytime, anywhere using small thumb-dials on the sides known as “eyejusters”. The technology behind the glasses is known as Slidelens.

Basically, the glasses’ lenses are doubled but with slightly varying shapes. When a user adjusts the lens, one lens moves slightly in either left or right direction and accordingly adjusts the wearer’s focal point. The user can simply keep adjusting the lenses until their vision is clear.

The company is targeting the developing world as its main, primary market where people either may not afford eye doctors or the prescribed eyeglasses are simply too expensive.

The company has developed a chart for determining a patient’s eye sight problems, which will also help figure out whether a potential user has problems with near or far vision and how better to correct them.

The adjustable eyeglasses can also be used for reading, when using a computer, knitting and other tasks.

The developers also incorporated UV protection in the glasses to prevent eye damage due to the sun.

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