Company Profile: New pig keeps its Web site clean

Company: New Pig Corp., a business-to-business catalog company that sells industrial waste cleanup supplies (

Number of IT employees: Approximately 15. Number of employees (end users): About 350. Interviewee: Selesia Byrd, project manager. " 'Technologist for business' is what I use on my business card, because technology supports the business."

Mission-critical systems: "Our [enterprise resource planning] system, Trend, a purchased system that we've customized to meet the needs of direct marketing. It handles everything from order entry to customer service, order fulfillment, inventory management, accounts receivable and accounts payable. [In addition], our e-commerce site, running on ATG Dynamo and an Oracle database; and the Artesia TEAMS digital asset-management system."

-- Major initiatives: "To create new customers, retain customers and grow our customers. How does technology support that? That's what IT is all about.

"Our e-commerce site is relatively young, and we try to think about what customers want and how can we support our business units to get our customers what they want. So, a primary objective right now is to push products onto the Web site at a faster rate, and the images and information about those products have to be accurate and consistent with our Pigalog [the company's catalog].

"We're doing that so customers can get the right information at the right time and we have all the information in all [channels]. It's about speed to market."

-- IT training: "Oracle, Java, ATG Dynamo, SQL. It's based on need, and we have a lot of need right now. We had three people out for training [late last month]. We're working on certification."

-- Employee reviews: Annual. "We review our accomplishments and set clear objectives for the next three to six months. We go over what we're learning, what we want to learn, what training we could benefit from."

-- IT career paths: "It isn't formalized, but we do have [advancement] from junior programmer to senior programmer to tech lead and project manager."

-- Bonus programs: "Everyone gets bonuses when the company does well, and we've gotten them every year since I've been here that's 13 years."

-- Workday: "Flexible. We have huddles in the morning, so you have to be here for that, about 8:45. Some come in then, some come in at 6 or 7 a.m. We usually put in about eight and a half to nine hours."

-- Must people carry beepers? Cell phones? "The folks who monitor systems and hardware do."

-- Office decor: "There's a lot of pig stuff all over the place piggy banks, a stuffed pig propped up on a fence. We have a Wall of Fame off the lobby that has framed displays of award-winning catalogs, which we call Pigalog awards."

-- In-house cafeteria/food service: "We have a cafeteria area, and it used to serve food and had salad bars. But people didn't use it much, so now we just have vending machines and use it more as a lunchroom.

-- Little perks: Tickets to Altoona Curve games (a Pittsburgh Pirates farm team), birthday gift certificates to the Outback Steakhouse, certificates to Hoss' Steakhouse for employees' anniversaries, coupons to use at a local sports shop.

-- Would employees feel comfortable e-mailing the CEO, Nino Vela? "Oh, heck yes. Nino is nuts he runs around like a wild man sometimes. He's a lot of fun. He also responds to customers' e-mails."

-- The last word: "This is a very good place to work because everything revolves around the customer here. There's not a chain of bureaucracy. We do cross-functional work, and that's fun because you really see how you support the business when you're working cross-functionally with other teams. And I don't really know what it's like in other companies, but my guess is that it's not like that."

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