ETSI shows Bluetooth is maturing

The attendance at ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)'s 6th Bluetooth Unplugfest in Nice, France, suggests Bluetooth is becoming a more mature technology, the organization said Tuesday.

The annual Unplugfest has 428 participants this year, with about 150 from the U.S., 70 from Japan and the majority of the remainder from Europe, said Philippe Cousin manager of ETSI's new division, the Interoperability Service.

ETSI splits participants into three groups according to product areas: silicon and hardware manufacturers, software developers (focusing on protocol stacks) and application developers. This year, there are many more application developers than in the past, Cousin said.

"The increased activity in the applications area suggests a more mature technology," he said.

The Interoperability Service has been set up to complement ETSI's traditional work, and will look at interoperability between products using any standard, not just those developed by ETSI, Cousin said.

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