Phonetics to release network monitoring system

Companies will soon have another tool to protect the nerve center of their operations when Phonetics Inc. unveils its new network monitoring system at the Networld+Interop Atlanta trade show next month, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

The Infrastructure Monitoring System IMS-4000 will provide networking personnel with customized warning messages, depending on the problem at hand. The system reads server room temperature, humidity, power surges/outages, and other environmental factors. It can also be configured to detect IP (Internet Protocol) devices to ensure network devices are operating properly, providing an additional defense against denial of service attacks, said James Fairburn, manager of dealer development for Phonetics.

When a problem is detected, the system sends out messages via either the network or phone lines, to just about any communication device, from cell phones to pagers to a home telephone. Users can record their own messages for distribution through a voice/data modem.

Users of the product can also designate which members of their staff receive which warnings, allowing managers to set alert levels based on the severity of the problem.

The system runs on a Linux platform, chosen for its stability, said Bob Douglass, vice president of product and market development. It is designed for continuous performance in adverse conditions, using an independent battery backup and no moving components.

The Phonetics officials declined to release pricing information, but did say that the product can be used over multiple locations, monitoring a company's global network through the purchase of additional nodes in addition to the main box located at a company's headquarters. The product will be available for distribution in the fourth quarter.

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