What are you saying: NBN rollout, old mantras IT decline

Every week,Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: Old mantras threatening the viability of the modern IT organisation

"'IT leaders' (at least in Australia), understood this 20 years ago, but I agree that some company boards and heads of government departments here still think of IT as a cost-centre. Perhaps Gartner is too influenced by the tardy pace of IT sophistication in the US, whose CIO's dominate their research. Perhaps they could research what we are doing in Australia first, rather than preaching "beads to the natives" messages that assume we are incompetent."

— said Industry Observer on Old mantras facilitate the decline of IT

Here’s what you had to say on: NBN Co signing a $141m deal with Syntheo

"@Mark: The whole point of the NBN is that it's a national communications network, and because of that it will take a while to build but will then provide good competitive service for everybody. You (and your mate Bill?) sound like a real miseryguts who can't bear to see anybody getting good service, because it seems you are selfish enough to think you alone should get everything going, and bugger everybody else. Unless you are just another political mole."

— said gnome on NBN rollout continues in SA, NT with construction contracts

Here's what you had to say on: New Apple patent hints at MacBook-tablet hybrid

"What is new about this, how can they patent something that all ready exists. I have an HP 2730p which all ready does exactly as this patent states, it turns from a laptop to a tablet and has a 3 g antenna built in. So are they now just rehashing old HP ideas?"

— said Andrew C on New Apple patent hints at MacBook-tablet hybrid

Here's what you had to say on: Q&A with Edith Cowan University's Angus Griffin

"Any organization implementing Microsoft Live@edu is doing a disservice to market competition and to its students. My real-world example is when I was on the phone to the ECU IT Help Desk trying to work out how to setup email forwarding, a function that existed on the previous ECU mail system. As it turned out, the full functionality that was visible to the help desk person on her Microsoft Windows system running Internet Explorer was not visible on my Linux system running Google Chrome. I find it curious (and somewhat distressing) that ECU, a university supposedly supportive of openness and a level playing field for all, supports a vendor that continues to behave in an anti-competitive fashion."

— said David Cartwright on Q&A: Edith Cowan University, manager of IT infrastructure, Angus Griffin

Here's what you had to say on: News Limited potentially charging readers for online content

"Let them, and I will just visit another site which offers it for free."

— said Leigh on News Ltd 'may charge for online content'

Here's what you had to say on: A review of the Australian book industry calling for the GST on books to be scrapped

"This sounds like the Hardly Normal whinging all over again, and it has as little relevance as that did. The typical difference in price between Australian and overseas booksellers is several times what the GST would have been. The main reason for the price difference is the protectionist mindset of the local industry, supported by the government. Bookbuyers aren't stupid - they can see where they are getting ripped off, and will continue to vote with their feet."

— said grumpy on Govt must scrap GST on books: Report

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