Abeona Networks launches transaction controller

Abeona Networks Inc., a Fremont, California-based network equipment maker, made its debut here on Tuesday, and announced the general availability of its K-2000 Web Transaction Controller.

The K-2000 system, a combination of hardware and software, is said to deliver significant increases in network speed and capacity for Web-based transactions in order to handle rising customer traffic volumes.

Using proprietary server, switching, and transaction control technologies, the K-2000 can handle ten times as many simultaneous users and serve them ten times faster than existing solutions, according to Shawn Myers, Abeona's director of marketing and business development.

"We've merged a packet engine and a request engine," explained Vaibhav Malawade, Abeona's founder and CEO. "When you put those two things into one single box, you can move all the intelligence that you get from packets to the request engine, and vice versa. [A traditional packet engine] just throws packets to the next [device] in the line. Whatever it learned from that packet -- where it's coming from, what kind of latency it saw, what kind of connection it's coming on, how lossy it is -- never gets transferred."

Moreover, the K-2000 promises to boost profitability by squeezing more performance out of a company's existing infrastructure, thus eliminating the need to buy more Web servers, load balancers, and caching solutions, according to Myers.

"Those systems are overly complicated," Myers said. "They're very costly, it's hard to scale them up, and they're very unpredictable. You don't know where the bottlenecks are. The point solutions that exist today are the evolution of a general-purpose computing platform - it's the PC of 25 years ago, which has evolved slowly but is still not optimized. We've started over with a system that is optimized for serving Web transactions."

The K-2000 is currently available and costs US$25,495.

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