What will next century's Post-its look like?

3M talks innovation and combining materials with data processing capabilities

Next century’s Post-its could be based on combining materials with data processing capability, a 3M innovation leader has said.

Speaking with Techworld Australia about the impact the technology will have on the next generation of 3M products, global innovation leader, Dr Andrew Ouderkirk, said the humble Post-it would likely incorporate the ability to retain data.

“It will probably be materials based and will also start taking on a data relationship,” he said.

“Its not only [about] the data material but also how it affects systems that can be understood through holistic models.”

Ouderkirk, who works as a corporate scientist for 3M, said the future of business will continue to be driven by technological developments, as materials and data become intertwined.

“3M is working on distribution lines and ceramic deposit power lines that allow more flexibility to send energy from one region to another based on demand and resource generation,” he said.

“At times we’ll have more power than we need, sometimes we will be in need of power, so having flexibility and perhaps time shifting it or just using it in a different way.”

Cloud computing could also create a more innovative range of 3M products, with Ouderkirk saying the potential of Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing.

“First off, the amount of computation will grow dramatically,” he said.

“What we’re now seeing is much more advanced simulation tools and with Cloud computing, you can do remarkably advanced simulations with hundreds of servers in a short amount of time.”

IBM and 3M earlier this month announced they would jointly develop a new line of adhesives in hopes of being able to build commercial microprocessors composed of layers of up to 100 separate chips.

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