Which business broadband plan is more bang for your buck? Telstra vs Optus

Computerworld Australia compars the business broadband packages from telcos, Telstra and Optus

Searching for the best internet for your dollar for your enterprise? Computerworld Australia compared the unlimited broadband packages from Telstra and Optus: Telstra Business Broadband Plan and Optus ‘yes’ Business Broadband Plan. Both plans are under a 24-month contract.

The broadband plans vary as to whether you already have a Telstra or Optus business phone line. Telstra is offering their Business Monthly Plan for unlimited data access at $280.00 a month, with a saving of $30 if you have an eligible Telstra Business fixed phone line. The ‘yes’ Business Broadband is offering unlimited internet for $199.00 a month, but must be taken with mobile phone plan with a minimum monthly fee of $49.00. There is also a $13.00 a month fee for business phone access (per line).

If you don’t have an eligible Telstra or Optus phone line, the broadband fees increase. The Telstra broadband fee is lifted to $310.00 a month. If you don’t have an Optus business line, they offer the Optus Naked Business Broadband plan: An ADSL2+ internet connection which is $209 a month, and must also be taken with a mobile phone plan of at least $49.00 a month.

Internet speed for both Telstra and Optus depend on the location of your business. For eligible Telstra customers, ADSL 2+ provides up to 20Mbps and other areas are up to 8Mbps. Optus customers on a 20Mbps plan can expect speeds between 8Mbps and 20Mbps.

Telstra plans provide Australian-based 24/7 technical support, unlimited uploads, access to CustData (Telstra’s online service management and reporting tools) and scalability, meaning you can upgrade or downgrade your plan without additional fees. With Telstra plans you can also choose to add remote working capabilities, a static IP address, 10 business mail boxes with web mail access and a business domain name. Optus plans offer free static IP address, 15 mailboxes, 24/7 business support and no connection fee and free WiFi modems.

Telstra broadband plans are more expensive than the Optus plans, but the additional money spent guarantees better internet speeds than its competitor and additional packages and services.

Telstra Business Broadband Plan vs Optus ‘yes’ Business Broadband Plan

Telstra Optus
With phone line $280.00 $199.00
Without phone line $310.00 $209.00
Mobile phone charges N/A At least $49.00
Internet ADSL2+ ADSL2+
Additional support Technical support, unlimited uploads, access to CustData, scalability, add remote working capabilities, static IP address, 10 mailboxes, business domain name Free static IP address, 15 mailboxes, 24/7 business support, no connection free, free WiFi modem

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