1939 David Packard and Bill Hewlett found Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, California. The company manufactures scientific testing instruments.

1947 Hewlett Packard is incorporated, David Packard becomes the Company's president, while William Hewlett is named vice-president.

1957 Following the invention of a high-speed frequency counter in 1951, Hewlett-Packard goes public.

1961 The company lists on the New York Stock Exchange.

1966 HP creates its first computer, a predecessor to HP 3000 minicomputer, which was released in 1972.

1966 HP creates the first magnetic card-based desktop calculator, HP 35. The hand-held device was introduced to the market in 1972.

1969 Bill Hewlett named HP's CEO.

1978 Bill Hewlett retires as the company's CEO.

1984 The future market leader enters the inkjet and laser printer market.

1988 DeskJet, the first consumer-market printer line, introduced.

1993 David Packard retires as the chairman.

1994 HP introduces its first SOHO PC - Pavillon.

1995 David Packard dies.

1999 HP appoints former Lucent Technologies executive Carleton Fiorina to the position of CEO, replacing Lewis Platt.

2000 HP spin-off Agilent Technologies created.

2001 Bill Hewlett dies, HP cuts 7000 jobs and announces its decision to acquire Compaq for US$25 billion.


1982 Three Texas Instruments executives - Jim Harris, Rod Canion and Bill Murto - start Compaq with the vision of creating a portable PC. Compaq Computer Corporation was created with the financial backing of venture capital firm Sevin-Rosen Partners, whose president, Ben Rosen, served as the company's chairman until 2000.

1983 Following a successful IPO, Compaq lists on NASDAQ and ships over 50,000 PCs to the market. Compaq Deskpro - its first desktop computer - introduced.

1984 Compaq's revenues reach phenomenal US$111 million, setting a US business record.

1985 The company lists on the New York Stock Exchange and reports second year revenues of US$329 million.

1986 Compaq manufactures its 1 millionth PC.

1989 Compaq's first laptop - LTE, and first server - Systempro, are created.

1991 One of the company founders, Compaq CEO Rod Canion, is forced out and Eckhard Pfeiffer takes his place, hoping to reverse the company's fortunes as it records its first-ever quarterly loss.

1994 Compaq is officially recognised as the world's largest PC manufacturer based on the first quarter results.

1995 Compaq's first handheld computer is introduced. The company acquires Thomas-Conrad and NetWorth in a bid to expand its newly formed internetworking division.

1997 Acquires Microcom with a view to broadening its communications offerings and Tandem Computer Incorporated.

1998 Acquires Digital Equipment Corporation for US$9 billion, creating the second largest computer company in the world. Acquires rights to Alta Vista domain name and incorporates Alta Vista the following year.

1999 Appoints the company's then CIO, Michael Capellas, to the helm following the departure of Eckhard Pfeiffer.

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