Symantec unites divisions into Security Response

As security incidents become more likely to break out of easily definable categories like virus or intrusion, customers will increasingly demand a single point of contact to help combat these problems, according to Symantec Corp.'s Sharon Ruckman. To that end, Symantec Corp. announced a reorganization of its security operations Wednesday, forming Symantec Security Response, a group which will offer research, technical support and response to its customers. Ruckman will serve as senior director of the body.

Symantec Security Response will unite previously disparate parts of Symantec, including the company's research centers, technical support operations and customer communications efforts, Ruckman said. The new organization will offer customer a coordinated response to threats and a holistic view of security, she said.

Such a grouping is needed, she said, because "a solution by itself for antivirus (or) intrusion detection doesn't work .... security threats cannot be handled by a single product alone." When there's a security incident, customers don't care if it's an antivirus problem or an intrusion detection problem; they simply want the problem solved, she said. A good example is the Code Red worm, a worm that perfectly illustrates the category-busting incident Ruckman cites because it is both a worm and an intrusion exploit.

No new services or features are expected to arise out of the organization, nor will any staff be added or cut, Ruckman said. The changes in the company's organization will not be immediately apparent to end users, though corporate customers might notice the difference, she said.

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