What are you saying: 26 August 2011

Telstra rolling out IPv6, the MYOB/Bain Capital acquisition and Turnbull's warning on above CPI NBN pricing

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Here’s what you had to say on: Telstra’s plans to roll out IPv6 to all customers

“I'd need to buy a new router, myself, as my old one doesn't do IPv6, so for the moment I'm happy they're looking at a dual stack. Actually, I'm not even sure my Telstra-supplied cable modem will do IPv6...” – said Bern on [[artnid: 398399| Telstra to roll out IPv6 to all customers |new]]

Here’s what you had to say on: 44 per cent of new ICT hires not being up to the job

“As a prospective candidate for more senior roles, I am finding that employers do not recognise the shortage of experienced people, and the salaries that they are able to command. I am losing out to candidates who are prepared to accept lower salaries comensurate with their lesser experience. However those employers are often disappointed at the lack of knowledge displayed by their new hires.” – said Charles W on Almost half of new ICT hires not up to the job

“Perhaps some employers should consider mentoring people that have the certificate skills but have not been given the chance to do real world work because everyone seems to want 2-3 years experience with Applications that would need 000's to setup and run. “From my own work sometimes a new hire is better as they haven't picked up any bad habits and are willing to learn quicky what is needed ( and then get poached ).” – said Steve T on Almost half of new ICT hires not up to the job

Here’s what you had to say on: Steve Jobs resigning as Apple CEO

“Apple shares dropped 5% in after hours trade. Will be interesting to see if the culture Jobs has built will sustain the organisation or whether he really is as critical to the business as many pundits think.” – said StockWatcher on Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull’s warning of above CPI NBN prices

“So, Malcolm Turnbull's logic is: - Why the hell do we build highway with taxpayer's money and still charge people to drive on it? - Why don't we build two or more highways parallel to each other, so we can have some price competition?” – said Ning on Turnbull warns of above CPI NBN price rises

“How many more straws can this guy grasp at? Give it a break Turnbull!” – said What the on Turnbull warns of above CPI NBN price rises

Here’s what you had to say on: MYOB hiring more staff following Bain Capital acquisition

“As an outsider looking in, a few things strike me. First of all, when has PE investment resulted in no job cuts? The whole point is to maximise return on investment and one of the more common ways to do this is to reduce costs and maximise output from the remaining asset base. As sure as the sun rises, I'm pretty confident jobs will be lost at some stage during Bain's tenure.

“Second, what has prompted the sudden influx of new staff to evangelise cloud computing to accountants? Does MYOB anticipate that it's going to take longer for accountants to embrace cloud computing and this is an attempt to expedite the adoption process?

“Finally, MYOB's cloud solution has been on the agenda for some time and yet still no results. Is this a pipe dream? Will Bain have to spend more $$$ to make this a reality? Are they willing to do so?

“This acquisition raises more questions than provide answers.” – said James on MYOB to hire more staff following Bain Capital acquisition

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