What are you saying: 22 August 2011

NBN for the disabled, a proposed Coalition 'electronic pigeon hole' and the continuing poor customer service delivered by telcos

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Here’s what you had to say on: The NBN eliminating digital and social exclusion for disabled and disadvantaged Australians

“This is a smart idea. The last thing we need is the kind of social inequity of the United States and the United Kingdom....and the accompanying riots and violence and gated communities that go with that.” – said Ron on NBN the answer to disability and disadvantaged: Conroy

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull’s proposed ‘electronic pigeon hole’

“So, an Electronic Pigeon Hole for ALL citizens?

“That would require, I don't know, some kind of National Broad Band scheme to reach every Australian.

“Do you think it is possible? Could they even do that? Please Malcom, lead the way....” – said Andrew Wilson on Turnbull uncoops 'electronic pigeon hole' for all Australians

“Paragraph 7 "eight times as likely" should perhaps be "eight times less likely". It doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence to say that poor people are more likely to have an internet connection, I would think they'd be Less likely to have broadband.” – said Justin on Turnbull uncoops 'electronic pigeon hole' for all Australians

Here’s what you had to say on: Privacy concerns being balanced against increases in powers to crack criminal networks.

“What do the Greens have to hide? The only people who would benefit in practice from their hush-hush approach would be the bad guys who want to keep their activities secret.

“And warm and fuzzy references to European conventions only seem to confirm that the Greens really do reside at the bottom of the lala garden.” – said Grumpy on Rethink urged on cyber bill

Here’s what you had to say on: iiNet calling for industry participation to make more content available online

“The film-n-tv industry want to have their cake and eat it too, without even a nod at due legal process. They would like to have helicopter borne swat teams raiding a persons home simply because they *allege* that copyright violation has taken place. All this *paid for by the ISP*. AND they want to publicly denounce ISPs as TEH EVIL ONES who *encourage* copyright violation. At what point will they stop all the rabid posturing and actually *come to the table* for a sane and meaningful discussion about how we can all work *together* to prevent illegal activities.” – said Phil on Industry must cooperate to combat illegal downloads: iiNet

Here’s what you had to say on: TIO reports of continuing poor customer service

“I cannot understand answers to my complaint when given by someone with a broard foreign accent in another country. When asked to speak to someone with a clear Australian accent my request is ignored and I can get no further; after spending two or three hours waiting in queues, being transferred from one section to another. The above process has occurred many times on many days and wasted an incredible amount of my time.” – said W. Ower on Poor telco customer service continues: TIO

Here’s what you had to say on: The Coles Group’s focus on Cloud computing and consumerisation of IT

“Because I work as a consultant at the intersection of cloud computing, mobile, social media and collaborative commerce and how it transforms business this article is very encouraging.

“It sometimes sounds a bit esoteric, but Conrad Harvey is making sense of all this and showing the lead on how it will transform their business - good stuff. And I could have thrown consumerisation of IT into my byline but it makes it a bit too much of a mouthful. But no doubt this is also a very important trend.” – said Walter Adamson on Cloud, consumerisation of IT top of mind for Coles Group

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