Stampede looks to rev up Lotus iNotes

Stampede Technologies on Tuesday announced that its TurboGold acceleration software can now speed the performance of Lotus iNotes browser-based clients within a Notes/Domino network.

TurboGold, which was previously designed for the full Notes client only, improves the speed of Notes/Domino replication on average by a factor of five, therefore, cutting network traffic and connection time, and the time users spend waiting for Notes replication to complete. Replication is key to the data sharing capabilities of Notes but can put a drag on networks, especially those that are widely distributed.

Version 4.2 of the software adds support for the recently released iNotes client, a browser-based thin client that allows users to access the mail, calendar, contacts, journal and to-do features of Domino while either online or offline.

In addition to the iNotes client, Stampede also is adding an Advanced Client that supports both iNotes and the full Notes client, giving users the same benefits with both the desktop client and the thin client.

Browser-based access to messaging systems is expected to grow in the next few years. International Data Corp. predicts that more than 30 million mailboxes will be accessed primarily with a Web browser in North America by 2003. Lotus Development Corp. and Microsoft Corp. are fighting a battle for Web-based enterprise messaging users with their iNotes and Outlook Web Access products, respectively. The browser-based clients typically mean less administrative overhead for administrators.

What Stampede hopes to bring to the table for Lotus users is an efficient way for browser-based clients to swap data with the Domino server. TurboGold uses compression, streaming and caching to boost performance and reduce network traffic generated by Notes replication. It also is designed to speed the initial setup of iNotes.

To use iNotes in an offline mode, users initially have to download Domino's Offline Services, a piece of code that permits offline use of Notes messaging and applications. TurboGold accelerates that download and all subsequent replication activity.

"Especially with dial-up accounts, we can guarantee that there is less network traffic," says Denis Clark, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Stampede. Clark says Stampede can help reduce telecommunications costs and bandwidth usage associated with Notes.

The company is adding other acceleration features to Version 4.2. TurboGold now supports acceleration of application components, called design elements, such as folders, views, forms, public agents and database icons associated with all Notes-based applications.

TurboGold also now offers compression of attachments while a user is online in order to speed delivery of e-mail saddled with bulky payloads.

Stampede also added a new verifier, the server-side software that works in conjunction with the TurboGold client, and a new TurboGold Server, for server-to-server acceleration. Both the new verifier and server support Windows NT/2000, IBM Corp. iSeries and IBM pSeries servers with unlimited CPUs and unlimited partitions.

The TurboGold iNotes client is priced at US$70 per user. The Advanced Client is $95 per user. The servers cost $2,000.

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