Motorola launches new telecom software

Motorola Inc. will offer preconfigured communications protocol software with its PCI (peripheral component interconnect) mezzanine cards (PMCs), along with operating system drivers, allowing original equipment manufacturers to sell the software to service providers without extra programming labor, the company announced Wednesday.

The devices integrate software protocols for frame relay, LAPD (Link Access Procedure-D) and SS7/ MTP2 (Signaling System 7/Message Transfer Part 2). That software runs on the MPMC860 communications adapter PCI card, using Motorola's MPC860 integrated microprocessor and peripheral combination, as well as the MPMC8260 communications adapter, using the MPC8260 microprocessor for telecommunications and networking applications. The software is tested, certified and fully integrated with Motorola's PMCs, the company said.

"We like to think of it as a macro-component," said Pete Rendek, a Motorola director of market development. "Our whole strategy is to build more prebuilt equipment for OEMs."

The Motorola Computer Group business unit produces the software and hardware. The frame relay and LAPD products have a suggested list price of US$695 each per system, while OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) will pay for the actual number of links needed on SS7 cards at the suggested list price of $150 per link.

The products are immediately available, said Paul Virgo, a Motorola product marketing director. Motorola plans to include similar support for more Compact PCI communication boards and operating systems in the future, the company said.

Computer communications protocols are like the languages computers use to speak to each other. Frame relay is primarily used with data communication, while LAPD is used with ISDN (Integrated Digital Services Networks) and is more common in Europe than in the United States. SS7 is a signaling standard, setting up phone calls and other phone services like call forwarding, while MTP2 is the data link portion of the SS7 signaling standard.

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