CeBIT 2011: NICTA warns of Cloud challenges

Vendor lock-in, hybrid Cloud and security issues not yet confronted

Cloud adoption is rising, but vendor lock-in and security issues are two challenges yet to be dealt with by CIOs, National ICT Australia (NICTA) has claimed.

NICTA research leader, Anna Liu, said her studies of Cloud computing have unveiled a number of risks not yet taken into account by Australian CIOs.

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“There are a number of risks I’m hearing about, things like vendor lock-in and security issues, that will take time,” she said at CeBIT's Cloud Computing Conference 2011.

“[CIOs] have to establish what the working relationship between the outsourcer, Cloud platform provider and your business is.”

Leu said that tablet devices play a role in the appeal of Cloud computing. “We anticipate that tablets will continue to be hooked up to the cloud — the amount of data will only increase and not decrease,” she said.

“It’s an interesting innovation possibility to think about what kind of intelligence we can derive from that information.”

There are risks associated with hybrid Clouds, Liu said, but they hybrid model is here to stay and must be incorporated into enterprise planning.

“For an enterprise organisation, we’re just going to have to deal with and work with hybrid Cloud environments... they will not go away, they will not move to a public Cloud scenario — you have to work with them,” Liu said.

“It’s interesting to know how you manage across the hybrid cloud environment.”

Liu last year said that Cloud computing will be essential to the future of research and development in Australia.

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