High-density SRAM targets networking, communications

A new family of SRAM (static random access memory) products from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Ramtron International Corp. subsidiary Enhanced Memory Systems Inc., will result in networking hardware offerings that cost less and consume less power, the companies said on Thursday.

The new 72M-bit single-transistor devices are designed for use in communications switches and routers, the companies said. They run at the same speed as traditional 18M-bit six-transistor SRAM but with four times higher density and using four times less power, said David Bondurant, vice president of marketing for both Ramtron and Enhanced Memory Systems.

Many router and switch developers are currently using four 18M-bit SRAMs to create the buffer space they need, and will now be able to replace them with one chip, said Bondurant.

This will lower the cost per bit, potentially to a fourth of the current price, and will reduce power consumption by four, he said.

The NoBL (No Bus Latency) burst SRAM family was jointly developed by Cypress and Enhanced Memory Systems, using Enhanced Memory System's Enhanced SRAM (ESRAM) technology, and both companies will offer the products commercially.

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