WA IT Awards recognises carbon reducing technology

Greensense View wins product of the year

Innovation in carbon reduction technology has been recognised at the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTAs) this week, with Greensense taking home the award for best product.

The Perth-based climate change consultancy’s Greensense View has reduced energy use in buildings by 50 per cent, with co-founder of the company, Fabian Le Gay Brereton, saying the product promotes an understanding of energy use.

“It’s about engaging stakeholders and making sure clients understand how their actions affect the sustainability of buildings,” Brereton said.

“Providing the technology gives these people a view on tangible things and it helps them to run programs to educate employees [about energy use].”

Brereton said Greensense View’s approach leverages real-time information on a building’s energy use.

“We can have a leaderboard and compare cities and even floor levels on the way they use electricity,” he said. “If you can give people real-time feedback on their behaviour, they tend to respond better to this.”

The City of Cockburn in WA has installed Greensense View in seven of its buildings, with sustainability officer, Jenni Harrison, saying that it has reduced energy costs.

“It has already resulted in a greater understanding of energy usage and identification of energy-saving initiatives,” Harrison said in a statement.

“... These projects are important components of the City of Cockburn’s commitment to a sustainable future through building partnerships, exploring new technology and raising community awareness.”

Despite the impact the Gillard government’s carbon tax could have on the cost of electricity at Greensense, Brereton said he supported a price on carbon, saying it was the best way for the government to reduce the impact on the environment by Australian businesses.

“It’s a dramatic change, but a price on carbon is the best way to do it,” he said. “For our company, it’s going to put an increase on the price of electricity but we’re seeing a lot of drivers in the increase of electricity costs, it’s not just the price of carbon.”

Brereton said having a target for reducing carbon by five per cent will be a challenge, but one that is necessary for Australia to face.

“There is a view that the five per cent target wasn’t big enough... but I think this policy will be a good policy and that the five per cent target will be hard to meet.”

With clients in the local government and utilities space, Brereton said the company is beginning to branch out of Western Australia, with potential customers cropping up in New South Wales.

“Local governments see it as a responsibility to be green and sustainable,” Brereton said.

“... From a market develop point of view, we’re doing some interesting projects with utilities and electricity retailers.”

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