Symantec adds content filters to e-mail scanner

In an effort to help companies stem the flow of inappropriate, confidential or virus-infected e-mail messages moving through their networks, Symantec on Monday announced Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering for Microsoft Exchange 2000, an integrated virus and content-scanning package for the Microsoft e-mail server.

The software can scan incoming and outgoing e-mail messages for viruses and worms using Symantec's antivirus software, the company said. Additionally, to help combat the mass-mailer worms that cause trouble and consume bandwidth at many companies, the software also includes "Outbreak management" features, Symantec said. These features allow administrators to define acceptable levels of mail use, and to have the system automatically trigger alerts and other actions when it suspects that a worm outbreak may be occurring, the company said.

In addition to its antivirus features, the software also offers content-filtering using Symantec's Dynamic Document Review (DDR) technology. DDR is a context-sensitive keyword-scanning technology that allows the software to not only flag specific words, but also review them in context to determine whether or not they are allowed. Using DDR, companies will be better able to determine whether e-mails contain inappropriate or confidential content and filter those that do, Symantec said.

Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering also has the ability to manage multiple servers from a single administration console, to export reports into a number of popular reporting packages and new "zero maintenance management" features. These features are designed to reduce the administration necessary to run the software, Symantec said.

The software ships worldwide on Dec. 3 with a price of US$29 per node for a 2,000-node license.

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