Pro Medicus sets up massive radiology database

E-health provider Pro Medicus has created Australia's largest radiology database following the merger of clinical records from three radiology groups.

The integration of the Victorian Imaging Group, Radclin Medical Imaging and Taft Diagnostic Imaging - which previously operated on three separate computer systems - into the MIA Group, allowed for the merger of information by Pro Medicus.

Now the three companies' medical information and scheduling systems are available through a single information system supporting more than 300 users at some 70 locations throughout Victoria.

The centralised database contains more than 11 years of patient history and some five million radiology test results.

A spokesperson for Pro Medicus said each of the three groups had its own centralised Unix-based server operating over a WAN or serial connection linking several locations.

Using software developed to merge historic data, the vendor had to individually reconfigure each location to connect to the central server. Once this was completed, data-matching software was run through the system to get rid of duplications.

Dr Pete MacIntosh, chief executive officer of MIA, said: "Our radiologists now have the combined medical history of patients from all three groups available to them. This enables us to deliver the highest level of patient service and achieve maximum use of our resources. We are also experiencing significant efficiencies and cost savings by centralising our management."

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