Free 'Net access from Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia's Internet division, Telecom Italia Net, has announced that it will start to offer free Internet access to Italian users. This move comes after other two Italian telecommunication companies, Tiscali and Infostrada, started to offer free access nationwide.

Telecom Italia Net's users will be able to connect to the Internet for free starting from September 3. In the meantime, Telecom Italia announced that it will pay a contribution to the local ISPs (Internet service providers) that use Telecom Italia lines and phone numbers for their POPs (points of presence). The contribution will be calculated based on the amount of traffic generated by each ISP and will be around 11 Italian Liras (0.006 Euros) per minute.

Telecom Italia Net also announced a new Internet subscription service called Premium that offers many new services such as the integration of e-mail with SMS (Short Message System), used by pagers and GSM mobile telephones, and the ability to access over 4,000 POPs worldwide using the international service of I-Pass. The new Premium subscriptions will allow users to access the Internet at a faster speed and are available in different options both for consumerand business users at a price that starts from 265,000 Italia Liras (137 euros).

Telecom Italia is on the Web at and Telecom Italia Net is on the Web at

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