Shaving telecom costs through usage changes

Businesses often spend too much on telecom services, and could significantly cut expenses if they implement usage and policy reforms, Full Circle Group claims

Making some policy and usage changes can help businesses shave a quarter or more from their telecom expenses, according to The Full Circle Group.

The telecom expense management consultancy said most businesses spend far more than they need to on fixed-line and mobile services, and increasingly on teleconferencing.

Many businesses, for example, spend more 10 per cent of their call costs on connections between company owned lines, Full Circle Group said.

There are many options for free intracompany calling, including free intra-fleet mobile calls. But even some companies that have signed up to such services are being unnecessarily billed for calls due to some phones being left off the main account.

And according to the consultancy, many big businesses are paying for redundant PSTN lines that serve no purpose.

Other methods of reducing surplus spending require setting down policies to employees. Mobile usage policies discouraging personal use, for example, can reduce mobile costs by 20 per cent. Roaming policies are also good practice, Full Circle Group said.

A consistent approach to handling dealings with telecom operators - including handset procurement and accounts - can also help to reduce costs, as can discouraging employees from using SMS instead of email for group communications.

The growing popularity of teleconferencing has resulted in an explosion of expenses, the company said. Teleconferencing calls now often account for some 10 per cent of a business's telecom costs, despite representing just 0.1 per cent of volumes.

Full Circle Group said it may prove to be cheaper to commute to meetings than pay for teleconferencing solutions.

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