Westnet server fault takes out ISP’s email services across Australia

Approximately 5000 customers affected

iiNet subsidiary Westnet has reported that some email services are down following a server fault discovered early on Thursday morning.

The ISP said in a statement that 5000 of its 220,000 customers were affected by the fault.

According to comments on industry forum Whirlpool, emails were also down last week due to a similar server problem.

Westnet representative, Michael Richardson, said on the site that as of Thursday morning the fault was escalated with its email hosting vendor Zimbra and it was currently receiving priority treatment.

“Most services have been restored," the post reads. "Engineers are still working on restoring the last of the affected customers.

“There may be some delays as mail is delivered to relevant mailboxes."

In a post on Whirpool, a user claiming to be a Westnet customer said they had experienced receiving some emails to one account, and not to another. Another poster wrote the situation was "annoying" but Westnet was responding to problems at a faster rate than previously experienced.

The ISP’s glitch follows an announcement in January that Westnet will provide ADSL2+ services for the first time to approximately 140,000 homes in regional NSW and Western Australia as part of a $5 million broadband infrastructure upgrade.

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I must be one of the 5,000 unlucky ones. :(



Works fine for me.

David Frost


Classic PR spin: minimise the problem, maximise the support situation. Our email is still out - we have lost almost a whole business day's worth of Westnet email. Hooray for Gmail backup!



Hmmm......I'm obviously in the unlucky 5,000. Can't get any emails at all. Hope Westnet compensates us?



I cant get any emails. Have sent some but dont know if thery have got through. How many of us are out?

Gerry Crowley


I can receive some emails, until the notice comes up.

Even more frustrating I can't send any, or reply.

I volunteer and help the local soccer club and this is registration time, man what a headache !

Jo Blankendaal


I cant even get into westnet. I just get the internet explorer cannot display the webpage post. This has cost me nearly 2 days business and I am extremely frustrated. How long is it going to be?



same problem with my Westnet email for two days now - so I keep trying my iinet email and that has come up with scripting faults for three days now - i think this problem is much bigger than they are letting on

so inconvient - these are my business emails



I had loads of work emails and personal emails in two separate accounts, ALL emails prior to Thursday appear to have been lost, hopefully only temporarily. This is costing my business clients and is a very big inconvenience as ALL my address book contacts from home and work have disappeared.



I can sent emails but can't receive them and this is well over a week now. Feeling very frustrated and trying very hard not to get angry.

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