What are you saying: 11 February 2011

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: Exetel CEO on Telstra’s “nightmare” results

“After years of complaint that Telstra was an evil monopoly, that veil of devious argument has now been removed and we will see Telstra opponents faced with the prospect of intense competition from this giant Australian company.

No doubt the monopoly diatribe will be replaced with calls for Telstra to be restrained from using its financial muscle to deliver superior services to Australian consumers and to halt the slaughter of opponents caused by the Telstra program.” – said Sydney Lawrence on

Telstra results to be a “negative nightmare”: Exetel chief

Here’s what you had to say on: iiNet’s confirmed staff cuts

“iiNet has 1.3M subscribers and 2000 staff.

NBNCo has 400 subscribers and 600 staff.” – said Go NBN Go! On iiNet confirms head office staff cuts

Here’s what you had to say on: HDS CTO’s claim that a new approach to data centres is key to green IT

“Great coverage. Some really excellent data points in here. Planning is a key component for datacenter implementation. Being able to capture the critical data for optimizing the datacenter up front is also critical. Even things you would think are obvious, like virtualization and high density disks, are really hard to quantify. Companies like 1E (http://www.1e.com) are ahead of the game and can offer substantial value to companies considering datacenter construction.” – said Rod Trent on New approach to data centres key to green IT: Hitachi Data Systems CTO

Here’s what you had to say on: Indigo Telecom making a ploy for satellite broadband

“"While it currently costs some $200-300 to transfer each megabyte under existing satellite technologies..."

Are you sure that's per *mega*byte? Plenty of satellite plans must be making huge losses for their providers then...” – said Karlston on Indigo Telecom makes ploy for satellite broadband

Here’s what you had to say on: Aussie gaming sales taking a 16 per cent hit

“I do not believe this story is complete.

How about comparing the local games industry, with imports. A lot of people like me, have had enough of paying nearly double the cost of imported games, when buying locally. Why should I send $100+ at my local store, when I can get the same game overseas for $50-60, including freight, overseas.

I love my country, but I have had enough of being asked to pay a premium for things. Take for example the $100 premium on the 3DS.

Since the US dollar crash I have not bought a single game locally and I have saved nearly $500 through imports.” – said LCW on Australian gaming sales take a 16% hit

Here’s what you had to say on: Conroy suggesting fibre for the rebuilding of disaster affected areas in Queensland

“How did the Economist Intelligence Unit go predicting the GFC, which is squarely within its area of expertise?

Hmmm, I thought as much.

Not only are some Tasmanian NBN customers already using 1000/400 Mbps connections (though few are buying that speed initially), but the EIU neglected to mention that Korea already has fibre to premises and this is just a speed upgrade for them. (We are so far behind.)” – said Francis on Conroy suggests fibre to reconnect disaster-affected customers

Here’s what you had to say on: The ISP’s lukewarm response to Telstra-NBN Co terms

“I'd hardly called Exetel or Vocus members of any group which could be described as "Australia’s major internet service providers".

Telstra/Bigpond, Australia's largest ISP, will obviously be happy with this. iiNet's Australia's number 2 ISP (and don't we know it), would be best described as saying "until we know the detail, we can't really comment" - I'd not call that lukewarm. It will be interesting to see what Optus and Internode have to say, they are major player these days.

Vocus are a data network wholesaler, and really can't be described as an ISP, let along a major one. Where's AAPT in this list of major Australian ISPs?” – said Robert on ISPs lukewarm on Telstra-NBN Co terms

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