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With regional internet registry APNIC this week picking up the last of the available "general use" IPv4 address blocks, the internet protocol the world has come to know and love is finally on its deathbed. In anticipation of a required shift to its successor, IPv6, we've compiled all the news, features, tips and tricks you might need to ensure your company gets off the ground, before it's too late.


No more IPv4 addresses

The Internet has run out of IPv4 address space - what IANA plans to do about it.

Internode preps production IPv6 environment

Internode will move to a native internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) production environment later this year, following an extensive public trial that included more than 200 “power users”.

Action, not talk, needed for IPv6

World IPv6 Day just one of many tests needed, says Google’s chief internet evangelist, Vint Cerf

Juniper changes course, accelerates IPv6 support

Juniper Networks is accelerating its plan to support IPv6 on its public-facing website and Web services, following criticism that the router maker was lagging rivals including Cisco Systems and Brocade Networks in this critical area.

Cisco, Verizon enlist in 24-hour IPv6 trial

The leading network vendors have enlisted in an upcoming trial-by-fire of IPv6, scheduled for 8 June 2011.

Yahoo IPv6 upgrade could shut out 1 million Internet users

Yahoo is forging ahead with a move to IPv6 on its main website by year-end despite worries that up to 1 million Internet users may be unable to access it initially. The massive engineering effort to support the protocol could at first shut out potential www.yahoo.com users due to what the company and others call "IPv6 brokenness”.


Enterprise IPv6 address planning considerations

With interest in IPv6 accelerating and adoption heating up more attention is being paid to address planning, but where do you start?

Four ways IPv6 will save the Internet

IPv6 isn't just about more addresses - here are some of the ways the new protocol attempts to improve the internet as we know it today.

As IPv4 disappears, transition poses hazards

With the last IPv4 addresses about to be allocated, the good news is that IT managers don't suddenly have to get the next Internet Protocol working.

No IPv6 plan? You're behind schedule

If you haven't started deploying IPv6 - or at least begun planning your IPv6 deployment - you have fallen behind schedule compared to the majority of network operators worldwide, according to the latest survey about global readiness for IPv6.

Are your networks ready for the cutover to IPv6?

How to find out if your home or corporate network is ready for IPv6

Seven secret weapons for network management on a budget

Cisco Subnet blogger Scott Hogg names his favorite free open source tools to keep your network humming.

IPv6: Dual stack where you can; tunnel where you must

IPv6 was delivered with migration techniques to cover every conceivable IPv4 upgrade case, but many were ultimately rejected by the technology community, and today we are left with a small set of practical approaches.

IPv6 tunnel basics

Here are the basics you need to know about the most popular tunneling and encapsulation mechanisms that are available to help transition your network from IPv4 to IPv6.

IPv6: Drive innovation with rewards, not fear

With IPv4 address exhaustion failing to provide an incentive for IPv6 migration, what’s the best way to prompt the switch?

IPv6: The essential guide

For everything you need to know about IPv6.

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