Net2Phone revamps enterprise VoIP wares

Net2Phone Inc. announced at this week's Comdex 2001 enhancements to its Max line of voice-over-IP gateways and IP phones.

The Max products, introduced a year ago, are designed to enable teleworkers and small and midsize offices to make phone calls over the Internet or a VPN using Net2Phone's voice-over-IP services.

The gateways are used to splice a single teleworker's phone, or a group of phone lines in an office, onto an IP network connection for making VoIP calls. Higher-end versions of the Max gateways are also available for connecting a midsize PBX (500 lines and under) or telephone key system with a voice-over-IP network.

The enhanced Max products include new features such as VPN calling, which allows Max gateways and individual IP phone users to call each other as if they were all located in a single office.

Other new features include the ability to forward voice-over-IP calls, a new Web-based application for managing and setting up voice-over-IP users in an enterprise network, and the ability to upgrade all Max products via software over the Internet.

Net2Phone's Max series IP phones are used by teleworkers to connect into a broadband router for making calls over the Internet. The Max4, Max8 and Max8/16 voice-over-IP router/gateways sit on a LAN and provide between four and 16 ports of voice over IP for phones in a small office. The MaxT1/E1 can be plugged into a digital PBX or key system to provide support for larger offices, with up to 64 voice-over-IP channels, similar to a time-division multiplexer-based T-1 voice service.

The new Max voice-over-IP products are available now from Net2Phone resellers.

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