Australia — a nation of curious idiots

Google's 2010 top search results are a strange mix indeed

Australia is a nation of idiots and perverts, if Google’s listing of its top local searches for 2010 is anything to go by.

The search giant has revealed that Australians either lack the ability or are plain too lazy to type “www” or “” to navigate their way to their online destinations of choice.

That is, six of the top 2010 searches are all Web addresses: “facebook” (number one), “YouTube” (two), “google” (three), “ebay” (four), “hotmail” (five) and “yahoo” (six).

If number three doesn’t ring alarm bells — people using Google to search for Google —then chances are you are one of these lazy search folk, or worse.

To boot the fastest rising search term for Australia in 2010 was “Chatroulette” — the chat room which lets you chat, or display various parts of your anatomy, with random strangers and then change conversations/displays at will.

Combine that fact with the number one question Australians asked Google in 2010 — “What is love?” —and you apparently have a rather interesting answer: “Love is… exposing yourself on Chatroulette”.

Before you do quit reading this article and head over to Chatroulette to find true love, perhaps you should read up on the news that university researchers say that users of the popular video-chat site may not be as anonymous, or as private, as they think.

Shenanigans aside, Australians also took a passing interest in the Chilean and Haitian earthquakes, Justin Bieber (***shudder***), ABC3, the World Cup and WikiLeaks.

The full list of Aussie searches for 2010 can be seen in all its glory over at Google’s blog

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