Internode warns IT departments to factor IPv6 into procurement decisions

With IPv4 addresses due to run out nid next year, compatibility and migration are becoming major IT manager and CIO issues

With IPv4 addresses set to run out in mid 2011, internet service provider (ISP), Internode, is warning that IT departments need to ensure that procurement decisions must factor in IPv6 compatibility or face being stuck with obsolete gear.

According to Internode CIO, Frank Falco, 2011 would be “crunch time” for both IPv4 and IT departments.

“While we’re not alarmist about this problem, we want to make sure people are aware of the issue because it affects corporate purchase decisions, which have an impact for the next three to five years,” he warned in a statement.

“In October 2010, only 12 blocks remained available from the original 256 IPv4 blocks: The point is that we used 11 blocks in the first eight months of this year, so at that rate we’re likely to run out by mid-2011.”

Falco said that with IPv6 adoption being not a matter of ‘if’ rather than ‘when’, IT departments needed to begin their migration process with an audit of current networking equipment.

“Although there’s no hard cut-off date, over the coming years, the quality of the online experience with IPv4 will degrade, so businesses should start planning the migration of their equipment,” Falco said.

“A major benefit of IPv6 is that it will greatly improve auto-configuration of systems. The vastly increased address space of IPv6 will mean that every device on the Internet – from computers and mobile phones to pieces of embedded equipment – will have its own unique IP address, making it much easier to manage how they interact.”

The warnings follow the reaching of the one year mark into the ISP’s public trial of IPv6 which has since resulted in the company learning how to architect its provisioning systems for IPv6.

It has also passed on its learnings to equipment vendors including Cisco, Juniper, NetComm, Linksys and Billion.

The warnings over IPv4 have sounded for some time, with IP transit wholesaler Vocus warning this time last year the world could run out of IPv4 addresses by as early as 2011.

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