What are you saying: Internode and Telstra negotiations, Australia's e-book market & Turnbull

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: The negotiations between Internode and Telstra Wholesale

“Sorry Simon but TPG OffNet 20mbps unlimited plan for $80/month via Telstra Hardware is too much of a great thing. And I should know being classed as rural area! Biggest problem with Internode is that they are just one big over priced reseller thesedays. Gone is the pioneering, price busting Internode of yesteryear.” – said Jason on Internode wholesale negotiations better, still not "equitable": Hackett

Here’s what you had to say on: The Australian e-book market being “fragmented” and confusing for readers

“The real problem is that it's not possible to buy half the books on the market. Of course readers aren't buying the books. You're not selling them! Like the old mp3 days, it's easier to pirate books than jump through the hoops necessary to buy books overseas in the shops that actually bother to stock them. You could use the publisher right excuse for older books, but when we're talking about books released in the last 2 years, did no one really think about the ebook issue?” – said Pasc on Australian e-book market "fragmented" and "confusing" for readers says leading retailers

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull’s claims that 12Mbps are enough for all applications

“Generally I respect Malcom Turnbull but the idea that '12 Mbps' is enough for all applications is incredibly short sighted. Yes it is enough for all applications RIGHT NOW but who knows what will be available in 2 years or even 5 years time. High definition video will be a part of the driver for higher bandwidth speeds but it will definitely not be the only driver.” – said Brett on 12Mbps enough for all applications: Turnbull – Updated

Here’s what you had to say on: Nokia Siemens winning a $10 million NBN contract

“Interesting choice, to choose 'mature' gear like this - it really limits now what the fibre could ever do in the future. Yes you can replace all this stuff but thats the expensive stuff and it has an expense and asset lifespan, so it reads the NBN is going to be very limited and fixed for a decade or more. And read the mesh and complexity now having to be introduced because of the fragility, hackability and critical points of failure of the NBN design now being accepted. So its duplicate, on duplicate, on duplicate, a mesh of make work not needed for most of Australia that will then never be used unless forced and any other choice or freedom of communication is removed. “I read 1b now wasted & not even a basic topology or CPF done. Racing to waste another 2b on top of the 3.1b fixed unwind costs. Clearly the NBN game is to blowout the cost to the point of no return that we are stuck with it, it becomes a go forward fix model as too expensive to ever do anything else.” – said this gear is near obsolete now on Nokia Siemens Networks wins $10 million NBN contract

Here’s what you had to say on: The support for mobile devices and laptops during proceedings in Parliament

“The use of laptops in the house is a long overdue acknowledgement of the resources chewed up while many people sit listening to predictable people saying predictable things. Roll on the NBN and let members conduct more of their deliberations from their electorates at reduced cost in travelling (time and money), sitting allowances and Commonwealth cars idling with their air conditioning on waiting for politicians to be driven to their Canberra digs.

“If people are looking for a use for the NBN, start here.” – said Richard Ure on Jenkins OKs Turnbull’s iPad, but mobile photos out of the question

Here’s what you had to say on: Google’s admission on collecting payload data, including, emails, passwords and web addresses via its Street View cars

“This makes no sense. Google is apologising for something that is totally not their fault. People are broadcasting confidential information unencrypted into the world where it can be collected by anyone with a wifi card. Whether Google goes out of their way to not record the data or not, there are people out there collecting it, who actually plan to use it to commit fraud. We should be thankful that this problem has finally been given air play in the mainstream media where non techs will actually see it and just maybe not turn off encryption on their wifi router next time they buy one.” – said Pasc on Google "mortified" by amount of personal info in Street View data

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull’s claims a report from the Productivity Commission could get the Opposition to back the NBN

“The internet filter and cost are the main reasons why mainstream Australia is opposed to the NBN, who knows what will be censored from general view? And how dare a democratic elected government enforce this?” – said John Walker on Productivity Commission report could get Opposition to back NBN: Turnbull

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