At the eleventh hour

The countdown is on -- there are only two days to go until the revamped privacy legislation becomes enforceable. Are you ready? Do you understand what it all means? If not, you are probably not alone.

The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act was passed in parliament in December 2000 and comes into effect on Friday, December 21, 2001. The Privacy Act regulates the way private sector organisations can collect, use, secure, and disclose personal information. Perhaps the most significant change is that the Act now gives individuals the right to access the information an organisation has about them, and also gives the right to correct that information if it is wrong.

This may sound straightforward enough at first, but delve a little bit deeper into company practices and it suddenly becomes a complex business issue. The private sector has had a year to come to grips with the issue but rewind back just three months and organisations were still struggling to understand the issue while many others were not even aware of the new legislation.

So at the eleventh hour, we here at Computerworld thought we would compile some important articles on the new privacy legislation from the past 12 months. And we would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. If you have any complaints, struggles that you would like to share, or perhaps a success story, please e-mail us at

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