What are you saying: NBN, the ISP-level filter and Turnbull

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: The NBN debate

“There are two fields for debate. Concept and Execution. The concept debate is about whether there should be a NBN, and whether it should be structured the way it is. The concept debate is about the quality of the plan. The execution debate is about how well we are tracking against the plan.

“Many anti-NBN people are still fighting in the concept debate. Many pro-NBN people are fighting vigorously on the wrong side of the execution debate.” – said Concept and Execution on Opinion: Pulling in different directions — The NBN debate

Here’s what you had to say on: Quigley disputing rewiring claims

“I'm astounded by the way so many sources jump on these sorts of things in such a negative way. In contrast, most entrepreneurs would see an immediate business opportunity being enabled through NBN Co's decision to drop the transparent service migration option of an integrated xDSL capability. Think about the myriad of contractors, sub-contractors, specialised vendors etc, all popping up to offer competitive (meaning cost effective) migration solutions such as a "no re-wiring, outdoor co-located WiFi access point" or "low cost Gigabit Ethernet cabling services" into your home.

“At the very least, this decision most certainly will NOT add $1000's to the cost of connection as almost nobody would be willing to pay that much to address the issue. Supply and demand, two very important concepts.” – said Michael S Cox on Quigley disputes internal rewiring concerns

Here’s what you had to say on: Quigley’s claim the NBN is back on track

“NBN back on track? Even with their projection of 20,000 premises in a year's time that will only be 1% of the number they should have connected if they were on schedule.” – said ShowmeTheBroadband on NBN back on track: Quigley

Here’s what you had to say on: Gillard claiming the internet filter is “right”

“The filter will not stop Child Porn... that sort of material is not traded on public networks. The filter wont stop material traded via VPN.

“The money could be better spent else where. Like supplied more funds to law enforcment and dept of Human Services... that already deal with issues of Child Porn, both prosecution and protection of children.” – said Blah on Internet filter is right: Gillard

Here’s what you had to say on: Scammers targeting the Do Not Call Register

“I work as a telemarketer, its one of the hardest jobs out there. constant rejection and jerks telling you to F off or just hanging up can hugely effect your state of mind. i've seen grown men cry and heard of people self harming. i use to be one of these jerks so i know exactly how good it makes you feel to scream at some person you don't care about and/or will never meet face to face. but the reality of it is we all have to work and and make a buck some how. and abusing someone for doing there job is petty and wont get you anywhere. in fact it will put you in a worse position. be polite say i'm not interested and can you please take me off your call list. is the best way to assure these calls wont happen again. join the Do Not Call Register make your number silent.” – said Italicus on Do Not Call Register targeted by scammers

Here’s what you had to say on: ADSL emulation ports being scrapped from the NBN plans

“So the opposition complains that it'll cost up to $3000 extra to have a new house wired with Ethernet?

If you only relied on these DSL emulation ports on the NTUs to provide a broadband service to homes, effectively you're rolling out fibre to all these homes and businesses, only to have DSL based technologies going into the premises (running on antiquated infrastructure that was never meant to be used for transmitting data). So you'd be RUNNING FIBRE TO THE NTU, ONLY TO RUN A DSL SERVICE FROM THERE ON. Sound idiotic anyone? Yes it might be a new form of DSL like VDSL2+, but there are still homes out there with dodgy internal wiring. Furthermore, it's difficult to keep scaling up the speeds. With fibre, all you need to do is change little transceivers at either end and you've got yourself an upgrade.

“More evidence that the current Liberal Party only look at the $$$$, with not a single ounce of vision or foresight. The current mob are clearly clueless on broadband technologies too.” – said Matt on Updated: ADSL emulation port scrapped from NBN plans

Here’s what you had to say on: the Tasmanian Premier calling on his State Opposition to refute Turnbull's "scare" tactics

“Competition would be great in the infrastructure world, though the government would spend $43b and Telstra could spend $4b to service the same customer base. So why is the government spending $43b of our money to provide service that could be done with $4b? because that’s what labour do, spend tax payers money. Have a look at the schools incident run by our very own PM and the roofing insulation program, which in the process kill young lives, created fraud and the only winners were the installers and insulation companies. How did this provide any benefit to our economy. NBN is more complex and all I see if the same cluster who couldn’t delivery insulation to houses and spend too much money on over priced school buildings and now they are going to try and build a complex network. I would probably stay on copper it will be more reliable in the future than the government half attempt to build a fibre network and to put it in prospective they are building a Telstra 2, what the point of building and selling of the asset to create another monopoly. Being a business decision as everyone has said where that cost benefit analysis Julia?” – said Jason on Tasmanian Premier calls on State Opposition to refute Turnbull's "scare" tactics

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