Best networking tools for business reviewed

Computerworld Australia brings you a wrap of all the best business networking tools available

Computerworld Australia brings you a wrap of all the best business networking tools available.

Skype for Android Skype for Android is a useful way to make free VoIP calls without using up your mobile phone minutes. And most people will probably be happy to have an alternative way to make calls when indoor mobile reception is poor. If and when this app is updated to include video calling, it will become a five-star app.

TRENDnet Dual WAN Advanced VPN Router (TW100-BRV324) The price and performance of the Dual WAN Advanced VPN Router make it an excellent option for small businesses looking for an affordable dual-WAN connection router.

D-Link DIR-600 wireless router D-Link's DIR-600 may look small and slow, but it's actually a very quick 150Mbps, 802.11n wireless router. It's well suited to a small house or apartment and it can be used to stream video in addition to distributing an ADSL2+ connection.

Netgear DGN1000 Modem Router Netgear's DGN1000 is an 802.11n wireless router with a built-in ADSL2+ modem. It's a small and good looking unit that's designed for basic tasks such as Internet sharing and standard-definition video streaming across your LAN. Consider it if you want a simple wireless router to use in an apartment or small house.

Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N ADSL2 Modem Gigabit Router (WAG320N) Linksys' WAG320N is an ADSL2+ modem, Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band wireless router in one compact body. It's easy to configure and it has some very nifty features, such as a USB storage port and keyword filters. However, it can't run both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks simultaneously, which is an inconvenience for those of us who need to run a mixture of those types of devices. If you want a strictly 5GHz router though, this one is very fast over a long distance, so it's still worth considering.

NetComm's MyZone 3G Wi-Fi router scores points for its stylish, compact design and ease of use, with a particularly impressive set up process. If you're looking for a portable Internet solution, then it's hard to ignore, even if its speed could be improved.

D-Link DIR-825 wireless router The inclusion of dual-band 5GHz and 2.4GHz means the D-Link DIR-825 Wi-Fi router has a long broadcast range and few interference problems.

Edimax 3G-6210n portable 3G router Compact, portable and flexible, the Edimax 3G-6210n wireless 3G portable router does its job well. It may be a little pricey when you can pick up a Wi-Fi modem with built-in 3G capabilities for a similar price, but for those who already own a USB modems, the 3G-6210n comes recommended.

Netgear ProSecure STM600 web security gateway By making a serious attempt to match the web security needs of small businesses, Netgear has created a product that sits between the relatively spare feature set of the UTM firewall and the expensive depth of enterprise-class web security gateways. The Netgear ProSecure STM600 gives network managers an excellent option to add web security at a reasonable price with minimum risk.

Novatel Intelligent Mobile Hotspot MiFi 2352 It's expensive, has limited battery life away from the mains and its build quality suggests something a little cheaper. Yet this Novatel Intelligent Mobile Hotspot MiFi 2352 is a 3G-cum-Wi-Fi micro-router that works superbly, bringing online connectivity with the help of a 3G SIM card to anyone with a Wi-Fi laptop. If you need effortless and wire-free connectivity away from the home or office, this little device could become an indispensable joy.

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