What are you saying? 8 October 2010

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on:

Conroy to receive secret filter forum report

“So for all the Getup youth that went & naively voted greens because somehow the Greens would keep Labour and Conroy honest. Maybe this is lesson for you in how Governments work. You will be sold out. Conroy has the factional control of the Victoria Labour Right and he wants a filter, and the Greens will do as they are told. Because Conroy has bypass and other legislation to do exactly that. And if you dont understand that NBN is the largest planned Stazi monitoring, recording, archival and analytics of an entire nation in active citizen survelliance - then you dont understand the NBN or its design. Its not about fibre or speeds or productivity but about Government control of your access and usage with full linkage to you, who or what you communicate with and why.

“The Filter 'issue' will look like a nothing issue in comparism. Go read the NBN design, ISP access agreements, bypass of telecommunications and privacy laws the NBN will be allowed. No packet (voice or data) thru the NBN will pass without being fully inspected, matched, recorded and held for current or future Government usage. For ever. Thats what you voted for via Bob..” – said your vote filtered out on Conroy to receive secret filter forum report

The Tasmnaian Government legislating an ‘opt out’ model for the NBN

“That last paragraph is unbelievable! I am lost for words. Perhaps he would say something like this if it were earlier last century

"According to Turnbull, the move adds to the government existing plans to eliminate small private electricity providers operating on DC, including private electricity network after the national AC electricity network is rolled out".” – said Simon on Tasmanian Government to legislate 'opt-out' model for NBN

Australia lagging behind in the innovation stakes

“Our experience is that there is a culture of prejudice in IT against anyone who is not from a scientific or engineering background this is primarily what is holding back innovation. There appears to be a preponderance to dismiss that which cannot be understood in one or two sentences or that is different. Developments should be assessed based on their merit not based on who derived them, who funded them, who owns them or who is on the board of management. As long as this narrow minded approach persists innovation will be held back. We presented a paper for inclusion in this conference for our technology which we believe is ground braking yet it was rejected because essentially it was not a scientific paper. We find this a particularly objectionable circumstance given that Australian public funds and support was provided to holding this event and they claimed in their marketing to be supporting Australian industry. A lot of business processes & services innovation will not come from, the scientific or academic sectors, it will come from small private sector companies such as ours that endeavor to apply technology to every day mundane real world situations that will never attract lucrative research grants, however if big business, academia and government continue to turn their noses up at the ideas of small companies such as ours in this country without proper assessment based on merit we will continue to loose out to our competitors.” – said Louise Leahy on Australia lagging behind in innovation stakes

Telstra’s claims the Android is the future

“I find it sad that perhaps intelligent people can't see beyond their personal bias and look at the issue that was discussed - quite frankly if you don't like Telstra so what - plenty do it seems - so don't belittle yourself or others by ranting like a dribbling fool. To me Hugh was suggesting freedom of choice - surely something you would seek too. Gee - a company promoting it's preferred products because they make more money - get real go and do the grocery shopping some time and look at the "home brands" - it's a commercial reality - doesn't mean it's nice- or desirable - but it is what it is and most companies do it - why just pick on the one you don't choose.” – said Zaphod Beeblebrox on Time to ditch the iPhone as Android is the future: Telstra

Richard Stallman argues the Government must abandon proprietary software

“He doesn't realise governments do not usually have a extensive IT support team dedicated to maintaining and modifying software it provides to the end users. If I want to maintain control of my electricity use, I'd put my dog on the tread mill.. but then I'd have to feed him, bath him, maintain the treadmill, make sure the wiring is done. And I'd have to keep two of each to maintain redundancy.” – said Kelly on Governments must abandon proprietary software: Stallman

AAPT unlimited plan facing the chop next month

“Just move over to TPG unlimited if it is available in your area. I know lots of people who moved from AAPT to TPG unlimited with homephone for $60 per month, good deal I would say.” – said lorro on AAPT unlimited plan faces chop next month

The IIA backing ACTA’s draft

“Well, many of these digital rights management measures also impeded the users right to make backup copies (of DVD's for example). Or the impeded the users right to play the DVD on more than one device in their home, or whatever.

"I used to always make backup copies of my DVD's in case they were damaged or stolen. I can't do that any more now that I buy bluray. I find myself switching back to DVD, but even newer DVDs have measures to stop me making backups. It's crazy! I don't do anything illegal, I don't distribute copies or such. I just want to protect my investment by making a backup copy. Is that so bad?

“There will always be a need for 'technological measures' to circumvent such DRM measures, and not always for 'illegal' reasons. Drastic DRM measures/laws will ensure users look elsewhere for their material. That's common sense.

“There's has to be a balance - protecting the copyright owners rights, and the (legal) rights/needs of the end users.” – said Daniel on Updated: Internet Industry of Australia backs new ACTA draft

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