What are you saying: 1 October 2010

Your wrap of the top reader comments on Computerworld Australia this week.

Your wrap of the top reader comments on Computerworld Australia this week.

Here’s what you had to say on: Australia’s smart grid situation

“The document is full of holes. The Federal Govt already committed to a $100M smart ZGrid initiative earlier this year. The rollout of smart meters in Victoria is not on hold as claimed but continuing as committed for completion by the end of 2013. Its here folks so get used to it!” – said Roger 8 million smart grid projects being rolled out in Australia: Frost & Sullivan

Here’s what you had to say on: Labor Senator Doug Cameron slamming Telstra’s planned job cuts

“and worse still, these Telstra staff won't have the luxury of just moving to the back bench, and continuing to enjoy nice salary, super, and other bonuses..... some of them will actually lose their income, lose the houses, potentially lose the whole lifestyle.

Thanks Telstra, you're a great Australian company!!!!” – said Daniel on new

Here’s what you had to say on: Telstra’s undisclosed job cuts

“I was speaking to Allan at the telstra call in Grafton the other day and he will be losing his Job in a couple of months time after 12 years service , as well as 108 other employees. Where on earth are they going to get another job in Grafton.

I DON'T THINK TELSTRA GIVES A DAMM !!!!” – said BRENDAN on Telstra yet to confirm scope of job cuts

Here’s what you had to say on: Conroy signalling the imminent release of the NBN timeline

“The coalition keep harping on about a cost-benefit-analysis but what would be the point? If the CBA came out and said it was beneficial, there would be no reason not to proceed, and even if the CBA came out saying it wasn't going to be profitable, that is further proof that private industry will never build this infrastructure and the government must do it.

Turnbull/Abbot keep forgetting that Government is not a business, it's not supposed to make a profit, it is supposed to provide services and infrastructure. Roads don't make a profit, schools don't make a profit, hospitals don't make a profit, but they're good for the economy. The telecoms infrastructure has languished since being sold off. Maybe when the opposition keep bandying about the $43 billion figure they should take into account how much money they made by selling off Telstra in the first place.

Saying we won't need Fiber is just like saying we don't need bitumen highways because dirt is good enough, or we didn't need the original copper network, because telegrams are good enough. Copper has served us for 50 years but it is at its maximum possible speed, and it needs to be replaced with something that is future capable, fibre.” – said Anon on NBN rollout timeline imminent: Conroy

Here’s what you had to say on: Telstra to seek final NBN approval by June

“As we move into this brave new world and Telstra eventually retires copper cabling, I wonder what research has been done into ensure our national networks are robust to enable basic levels of telecommunications. Reflecting on recent natural events (earthquakes) which knock over towers, cut mains power, when most telecommunication equipment relies on a tower (wireless) or mains power (fiber) are we enable our society to respond to these emergencies have lost communications powered from central exchanges?”-said Visionary on Telstra to seek final NBN approval by June

Here’s what you had to say on: Conroy’s keeping the filter

“Conroy's dogmatic insistence on something as fundamentally flawed as the internet filter should raise alarm bells about his judgment regarding his other pet project, the NBN.” – said Greg on Internet filter remains alive and well: Conroy

Here’s what you had to say on: Females in ICT needing further training to reach senior roles

“My experience has been that both men and women aren't great at putting their hands up for promotion or advancement. We live in a culture where bragging is looked down on so many people live, as you've said, waiting for someone to notice them.

Two things need to happen. 1) Employers need to engage more effectively with "quiet high performers", seek them out and move them forward 2) the quiet high performers need to put their hands up and say "I'd like to go here/there in the company". And if the employer doesn't work with them then it's probably time to look elsewhere.” – said Graeme on Female ICT professionals need further training to reach senior roles

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull to push forward on NBN debate

“To spend 43 billion+ on this is a waste.It's old technology by the time it's finished.I can hit 1 button on my mobile phone and have internet access.I can understand providing easy access for rural australia,but not at that amount of our taxpayers money.” – said Justin on Turnbull to push forward on NBN debate

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