What you are saying: Turnbull's appointment as Shadow Comms Minister

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: Telstra’s decision to forgo pay increases in 2010

“I was the last of the people on a Sales Force Award in Telstra, and I remember how they continually told me, that AWA or L5 Agreements were in my best interest. I declined, and eventually got paid my increase, after a 9 month fight with payroll.

Each time they said,,, AWA makes no difference, it is all the same. Well, I know when they made us redundant, that being in a Union, and covered by an award, was a better outcome for me. The procedures for union staff were alot more civil and financially positive than those stuck with 'what the company gave them'. – said Anthony Rose on Telstra holds the line on staff pay negotiations

Here’s what you had to say on: Ludlam welcoming Malcolm Turnbull’s appointment as Shadow Communications Minister

“Go Malcolm. Hopefully with widespread citizen, business and community consensus this will force along with a change of government the long overdue NBN enquiry and then royal commission to get it back to where it needed to be. Good government, regulation and supervision. Access and Services as needed. Talent and skills. Not a decade of dross and vendor welfare. Provisioning as funding or community interest warrants. Supervision and transparency. Competent experienced leadership and management. Incorporate and evolution including whats already there. +The full exposure of the NBN waste and deception perhaps is a necessary lesson also to the many ITC people that were suckered into it.” – said go Malcolm on NBN could be used to bring down the minority government: Ludlam

Here’s what you had to say on: Gillard’s claims the opposition are trying to trash the NBN

“Gilliard's comment about older Australians with health complaints can now have face-to-face consultations with their doctors without leaving home, reminds me of the nonsense we said to sell home computers because housewives would be able to store their recipes. No doctor with much integrity would trust a screen to check a patients health. How would the Dr feel their glands, or will he ask his patient to do his own digital prostrate check.” – said PC dealer since 1981 on Opposition trying to trash NBN: Gillard

Here’s what you had to say on: Turnbull laying into the NBN

“A lot of people endorse the NBN,think abbott gave it to turnbull to make him unpopular with the electorate.Perhaps when turnbull deposes abbott he will give it to the non techie abbott.” – said Hooble on Turnbull: NBN will require more capital due to Labor independent MPs deal

Here’s what you had to say on: Tony Abbott using Malcolm Turnbull to rubbish the National Broadband Network

“About time they sat up to take notice about the NBN. The Liberals have been pathetic so far on this waste of money and blackmail of Telstra. The government "spin" on costs etc go unchalledged. Wholesale is FREE so far! We will have to pay hugh costs as either users or taxpayers.” – said Mike ELLIOT on Turnbull to hold Government "ferociously to account" on NBN

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