Primus announces 1.1TB plan in response to iiNet offering

The ISP will no longer shy away from competing "head-on"

It has taken less than 24 hours for Primus Telecom to rise to the challenge issued by iiNet yesterday when the latter internet service provider unveiled the local market's first one terabyte (TB) capped plan.

Late last night, Primus responded with the creation of a 1.1TB plan, providing 511 gigabytes (GB) of data during the daily peak period and 600GB during off-peak.

According to the company's chief executive, Rhavi Bhatia, the motivation behind the plan is to signal to the competition that Primus will compete vigorously, specifically with iiNet.

“Why would I be afraid to say it? That is really the thinking behind it.

“The fact is, and we were very shy about this in the past of competing head-on, the fact is we have the best value plans out there, the best quality plans out there,” he said.

Bhatia said the telco also recognised Australian consumers’ increasing reliance on the internet for entertainment and communication, and said that plans of this size would enable high-definition video, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and other “richer media”.

The plan starts from $99.95 per month on a 24 month plan, and is is also offered as a naked DSL plan - without requiring an active telephone line - for $119.95 per month.

The new offering, dubbed QUAD-1, is one of the largest download quotas in Australia for ADSL2+, a step the company says was encouraged by the takeup of its National Broadband Network (NBN) services.

Bhatia told Computerworld Australia he doubted such a large download quota would promote illegal downloading, and claimed the ISP would be “squeaky clean on that score”.

As reported by Computerworld Australia, Primus recently connected its first business customer to the NBN.

With reporting by James Hutchinson

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