Tutorial: Tools for troubleshooting DNS

We recently moved a client to our hosting services. The site, http://clientco.com, resolves to its correct IP address. When entered as http://www.clientco.com, the site resolves to its old hosting server IP. My hosting company says its records are correct. The previous hosting company and registrar say they have no control of the DNS record. Is there any tool to determine from where the bad information is coming? The hosting company says it is just a matter of propagation and to wait five days. When I enter http://www.clientco.com at http://domainwhitepages.com the DNS information appears correct, but the problem track recording and start of authority still points to the previous hosting service.

Waiting for the new information to replace the old really is the answer in most DNS transition migrations. Two tools for troubleshooting DNS are nslookup and dig. A Web page interface to dig is available at http://www.ip-plus.net/tools/tools-en.html, which can verify your new hosting service's DNS entries for the domain and check the registrar and former hosting service's DNS responses for the http://www.clientco.com hostname. The nslookup and dig tools also are available natively or from the Internet for most platforms.

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