What the ICT industry wants: The System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU)

Computerworld Australia presents the policy commitments the ICT industry is looking for in the 2010 Federal Election

The System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU) has called for the following 5 policy commitments from both parties in the upcoming Federal election.

1. The NBN (or something equivalent) to go ahead.

2. Production of a coherent policy in relation to internet safety that aligns with all stakeholders and addresses the issues (an ISP level filter is *not* the answer and will not solve any problems).

3. Review of legislation to identify where the laws being applied don't suit the medium (eg classification review). Stop making new laws by putting "cyber" in front of them. Existing laws can be used for crime regardless of where it occurs.

4. Review of privacy laws - particularly in relation to proposed legislation regarding data retention.

5. Education and policy to remove the artificial climate of fear in government and the community in relation to the Internet (eg. the internet is essentially safe) This will build confidence in government, business and the community.

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